All You Need To Know About December Npower Stipends Payment Delay And Enhancement For All Beneficiaries

Npower Stipends And Backlog Issues For All Beneficiaries;Many Npoweer beneficiaries (N-Teach, N-Agro, N-Health, N-Tech and N-Tax Beneficiaries) especially the 2016 volunteers  have been calling and asking question like, why have they not paid  us our December stipends?.Are we still on the Npower  programme?.This article is to guide you and answer many of this questions as it borders on stipends, backlogs and enhancement for 2016 beneficiaries. Read more 

Why Have They Not Paid Us Our December Stipends?

Please calm down; According to reliable information from Npower officials, all beneficiaries (N-Teach, N-Agro, N-Health, N-Tech and N-Tax Beneficiaries) will be paid their December stipends this week and Monday next week. As you all know, the 2016 beneficiaries are suppose to end their programme last month but the government extended it. The extension also called enhancement affected or delay the payment of December stipends and it will gladden your heart to know that the federal Government of Nigeria is operating the treasurer Single Account( TSA),so all beneficiaries for N-Teach, N-Agro, N-Health, N-Tech and N-Tax both 2016 and 2017 volunteers stipends payment is programme in the system to pay for two years, this might have cause the slight delay in  December stipends payment.

When Exactly Are They Paying Us?

All Npower beneficiaries (N-Teach, N-Agro, N-Health, N-Tech and N-Tax Beneficiaries) should expect their Alert on 27,28 and 31 of December,2018. Depending on the bank institution you operate and how fast your state is.  This information is from a reliable source.

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Enhancement Programme for 2016 Beneficiaries (N-Teach, N-Agro, N-Health, N-Tech and N-Tax Beneficiaries)

All Npower 2016 Beneficiaries(N-Teach, N-Agro, N-Health, N-Tech and N-Tax Beneficiaries)   are expecting their enhancement starting from this month,2016 beneficiaries should expect something bigger and better. According to reliable source the welfare of the beneficiaries will be enhanced and the N30, 000 monthly salary will be increased with a better robust packages attached by the npower support team. The scheme is set for an enhancement programme for the 2016 N-power programme beneficiaries both 2017 N-power programme beneficiaries will also enjoy the scheme Enhancement Program.

Npower 2017 December Stipends Payment for All Beneficiaries

As you all know,2017 beneficiaries(N-Teach, N-Agro, N-Health, N-Tech and N-Tax Beneficiaries)   started receiving their alert on the 24th December,2018 but for all those that did not received on that  day, should expect theirs alongside the 2016 beneficiaries. Monthly salary payment for the month of December distribution will commence from December 27th till 31st 2018 depending on the bank institution you operates.

  Steps to Resolve your Backlog Issues For All Beneficiaries

To resolve your backlog issues do ensure that your bank account/BVN corresponds with what you say is your account number. If it corresponds and you are still on Backlog Payments follow the steps below to resolve the issues.

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  • Scan and upload Appointment Letter
  • Upload Place of Primary Assignment name
  • Scan and upload Bank account statement from the period you were not paid.

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