December stipends And Backlog For All 2016/2017 Beneficiaries(N-Teach,N-Agro,N-Health And N-Tax)

2016/2017 Beneficiaries December Stipends Payment

This article is to educate you on various npower issues like date of December stipends payment, backlogs for 2016/2017 beneficiaries (N-Teach,N-Agro,N-Health and N-Tax ) and what you need to do. The reasons we are here is to guide you on some difficulties you may encounter as an Npower beneficiary, so be rest assured that we will be here for you all the time. 

  Backlog For 2016/2017 Beneficiaries

We have gutting a lot messages from Npower Beneficiaries(N-Teach,N-Agro,N-Health, N-Tax) about their Stipends not been paid and we are aware of all you are going through. We will educate you on how to resolve your backlogs issues.

  • ensure your account number and your name corresponds with the name on your certificate.
  • Ensure you link your BVN to your account, Npower beneficiaries have fail to link their bank account to their BVN despite the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) detective.
  • Ensure you  Rush to your bank and request for your statement of account.You should be able to print from where and when you are being owed the npower monthly stipends. Bank account Statement is to prove your claims.

Once you get this, scan the documents, then write an email stating the corrections and Send an email to:  or visit their site for more information

Please note; Also you should know that the time of your verification and being cleared by the npower team means a lot as that date will serve as the date and month when your stipends will be paid So many volunteers thought since the npower programme started by December 2016, they are owed December payments but the truth is that it is when you are verified that you will be paid and please do ensure you follow the steps and you will be paid.

Please visit  Npower site to rectify  every abnormally

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 December Stipends payment For Beneficiaries(N-Teach,N-Agro,N-Health and N-Tax )

Reliable information(from Npower Officials ) reaching us here has that  December Stipends will be paid  to all beneficiaries(N-Teach,N-Agro,N-Health, N-Tax ) on Friday 21st of December ,2018 and on Monday 24th of December,2018.All those enrolled The 2017 beneficiaries will also receive their stipends before the Christmas holiday, be rest assured will be paid as shown on their portal.

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