Npower 2016 Batch And 2017 Batch Backlogs And Monthly Stipends Payment Guide

Why Some Npower beneficiaries have not been paid And What They Need To Do 

We have receive a lot  of messages and calls from Npower beneficiaries both 2016 and 2017 Batches about their npower backlogs and monthly stipends not been paid even when they have been cleared and enroled Npower ,we are aware that some persons have not been paid since last year,this write-up is to guide you on how to receive your npower backlogs and monthly stipends regularly.

 When Are We Receiving Our Backlogs And Monthly Stipends?

We are glad to inform you that the payment of backlogs are in full gear as over 43,000 Npower beneficiaries have been paid their backlogs, there are many more persons who are yet to be paid, but be rest-assured that you will be paid all that you deserve. Every worker deserves his/her wages.The Federal Government continues to work tirelessly to ensure this experience beneficial and rewarding for you.It is strongly believed that for every Nigerian who has been empowered by the Npower program,would go ahead to impact their communities. All communities have to benefit greatly from this scheme.Reliable lnformation reaching us here has it that those who are owed will be paid this week (Specially those that have cleared and enrolled by npower ),So be rest assured that all beneficiary will be paid and federal Government will keep to his promises.

Step By Step Procedures to Resolve Your Backlog Or Stipends Issues 

The first steps in resolving your stipends issues is to update your profiles in Npower portal.You should make sure your account number and your name corresponds with the name on your certificate.When this is done,you cannot now forward the corrections to npower e-mail address at

Second Steps in Resolving Your Stipends Or Backlog Issues 

Ensure you link your BVN to your accoun, Npower beneficiaries have fail to link their bank account to their BVN despite the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) detective.Do you know that some accounts cannot accommodate large amount of money?Most banks are programme to receive only N20, 000 and this tend to affect the Npower payments which pays from N30, 000. Rush to your bank now and confirm this information from them.After this has been done please write an email stating the corrections and Send an email to:

Third Steps in Resolving Your Stipend Or Backlog


You may likely be ask to send your Bank account Statement,so ensure you  Rush to your bank and request for your statement of account.You should be able to print from where and when you are being owed the npower monthly stipends. Bank account Statement is to prove your claims.Once you get this, scan the documents, then write an email stating the corrections and Send an email to:

Fourth Steps in Resolving Your Stipend Or Backlog Issues 

Step four is as important as the other steps, you are to note also that failure to attend to your primary duties or report at your place of primary assignment may result to your payment being put on hold. Also you should know that the time of your verification and being cleared by the npower team means a lot as that date will serve as the date and month when your stipends will be paid. So many volunteers thought since the npower programme started by December 2016, they are owed December payments but the truth is that it is when you are verified that you will be paid and please do ensure you follow the steps and you will be paid

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21 thoughts on “Npower 2016 Batch And 2017 Batch Backlogs And Monthly Stipends Payment Guide

  1. My 4 months backlogs hav not been paid til now and I work for it even those we worked together wit same issues have been paid

  2. What of those that have not yet collected their own devices. I mean 2016 batch beneficiaries. We have sent messages and it is not been replied. Are we still going to receive the device?

    1. My Dear Chioma,Device will be giving to both 2016/2017 and if you are 2016 that have not selected you will be giving a chance to select along side 2017 probably in January 2019

  3. I have scan and uploaded all that you have mention here and my bank details are correct but they told me that my name was not included in the list send to them by my state SSA. I don’t understand what the mean by that.

  4. My name is ABRAHAM ISAAC C from Akure , Ondo state I was enrolled last year November as 2017 beneficiary and I resumed work at my PPA and till now I’m yet to get alert of the stipends I’m afraid if they have forgotten me cause I used to resume by 7.15 am and closes by 4.30 Pm please help me out God bless the management

  5. I am olarewaju Tosin, 2017 bacht B. My January stipend has been not been paid, even though those who resumed after me has seen alert and I have uploaded my letter and ID card

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