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Npower beneficiaries (Npower-Teach, Npower -Agro, Npower -Health, Npower -Tech , Npower -Tax , Npower built Beneficiaries)  have ask us the different between the Onboard and Enrolled Icon reflecting on the 2017 beneficiaries page. This article is to educated on how to know the difference between these icons.Read more

What You Need to Know About Onboarded and Enrolled and what it means

We are often asked the difference between the Onboarded and Enrolled icon reflecting on the 2017 Beneficiary profile page, kindly see the image below for answers
Please note that if your status still reflects onboarded, then you are undergoing the validation process.

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Backlog Payment issues for 2016 and 2017


For all those that are having backlog payment issues;ensure your bank account/BVN corresponds with what you say is your account number. If it corresponds and you are still on Backlog Payments follow the steps below to resolve the issues.

  • Scan and upload Appointment Letter
  • Upload Place of Primary Assignment name
  • Scan and upload Bank account statement from the period you were not paid.\

Login Now!: http://npvn.npower.gov.ng/login

When Are We Receiving Our Backlogs And Monthly Stipends?

We are glad to inform you that the payment of backlogs are in full gear as over 43,000 Npower beneficiaries have been paid their backlogs, there are many more persons who are yet to be paid, but be rest-assured that you will be paid all that you deserve. Every worker deserves his/her wages.The Federal Government continues to work tirelessly to ensure this experience beneficial and rewarding for you.It is strongly believed that for every Nigerian who has been empowered by the Npower program,would go ahead to impact their communities. All communities have to benefit greatly from this scheme.Reliable lnformation reaching us here has it that those who are owed will be paid this week (Specially those that have cleared and enrolled by npower ),So be rest assured that all beneficiary will be paid and federal Government will keep to his promises.

Device Selection And Collections For All Beneficiaries

Reliable information from Npower officials reaching us here has it  that, device selection will commence this month end( January ending 2019) and early February this year. The device selection is for all beneficiaries((Npower-Teach, Npower -Agro, Npower -Health, Npower -Tech and Npower -Tax Beneficiaries) both 2016 and 2017 batches. All 2016 beneficiaries who didn’t select or collect their device last year with their counterpart will select theirs alongside the 2017 beneficiaries (Npower-Teach, Npower -Agro, Npower -Health, Npower -Tech and Npower -Tax Beneficiaries).

We Are Often Asked The Difference Between The Onboarded And Enrolled Icon -nigerianinfor

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